Consecrated Lives

Centered in Jesus Christ

Our vocation as Sisters of Notre Dame is rooted in our relationship to Jesus Christ who is the center of our lives. We grow in this relationship through our vows, prayer, community life and apostolic service. We are strengthened through the Holy Eucharist which is the center of our day and we are inspired by the example of Mary who is both the Mother of God and the preeminent disciple of Jesus.


Sisters of Notre Dame profess simple vows of poverty, chastity and obedience in order to focus our lives freely and totally on Jesus and the building up of his kingdom on earth.


Daily prayer sustains us. The rhythm of life is maintained by morning and evening prayer, meditation, devotions and spiritual reading. We also have opportunities to participate in days of prayer and reflection throughout the year. Annually we make an eight day retreat to renew our spiritual lives.

Community Life

Community life is a special gift for religious. Through community we form the relationships that will sustain us through all stages of life, support us in ministry, and bring us to our final resting place with peace and joy. We encourage and console each other in challenging and difficult times. We celebrate our joys and accomplishments with sisterly love and affection.

Apostolic Service

Our congregation was born in the hearts of two women who came together to help the poor, uneducated, children in their midst. In time, other women joined them and now Sisters of Notre Dame minister in 17 countries. This spirit of service, this call to meet the needs of the times, is felt by each and every sister. Today we collaborate with thousands of clergy, religious and lay persons in education of all forms, catechesis and other ministries.